Friday, May 11, 2012

'I Like Soup' Warhol inspired can show at Virginia MOCA

Recently I was invited by Jason Levesque ( aka Stuntkid) to participate in an Andy Warhol inspired show to coincide with an opening of his portraits at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Was very excited to show on a museum level, as well as to be connected to an artist that I grew up being a big fan of. I kinda understood what Andy was all about at an early age and always thought he was a pretty humorous artist.

For the show, which is entitled "I Like Soup", each artist was given a metal soup can to embellish. In true Warhol fashion, I decided to make the can all about myself, and chose to do a self-portrait from this previous Winter, where I took a decent break from trimming the ole face warmer.

The title of my piece is "1.5 ounces of Fame", referencing Warhol's famous quote that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, as well as the weight of the can.

 The show will be up from May 26 - August 19, and includes a pretty astounding lineup:

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