Monday, March 21, 2011

Nesting Doll show

 I had the pleasure of being invited to do a set of nesting dolls, or more appropriately matryoshkas Ive since learned, for Rothick Art Haus's "Doll Haus" show, which opens April 9th.
I wanted the final 5th piece to be the punchline to the progression I came up with, so I made it as if the smallest one was the voyeur getting caught after peaking through some salacious keyholes. The set is entitled "You better watch out, You better not spy."

 I knew from the get go I wanted to do a pattern on them, but in hindsight  wish I woulda picked a little less complicated one. Transfering the pattern to a rounded 3-dimensional object like these are tedious, and I had to free hand most of it from the reference sheet after only being able to transfer it to the thickest part of the body. Hence why its in the back of most of the pics.
 My little make-shift desk: a diy quee box.
 Fortunately, I was in the middle of working on a big painting that I already had alot of colors mixed for and was able to use on these.
 As they got smaller they went alot quicker so I worked on the last two concurrently. The final one I wanted to make stand out, so I inversed the pattern and changed the keyhole outline color.  
Ive seen a couple other artists sets and they all look great! This should turn out to be a really interesting show.