Monday, June 4, 2012

Get sloppy 'Wasted' on art!

 Your vision will blur and you'll wanna spew all over your best kicks at WWA Gallery   
on June 9th, thanks to the badass show put together by Dave MacDowell!

From WWA: 'Wasted – the Great American Pastime' is a tongue-in-cheek yet candid look at our complex relationship with drugs and alcohol through eye stimulating contributions by over 70 fine artists and creative professionals. Nothing was deemed off-limits or taboo, we only requested they ‘paint responsibly.’

Participating Artists: Peter Adamyan, Erik Alos, Michael Alvarez, Crystal Barbre, Dan Barry, Robert Bowen, Scott G. Brooks, Elliot Brown, Nicole Bruckman, Vincent Cacciotti, Nathan Cartwright, John Cebollero, Luke Chueh, David Chung, Joshua... Clay, Dave Cooper, Edward Robin Coronel, Johnny Crap, Steven J Daily, Matt Dangler, Cameron Davis, Patrick Deignan, Leslie Ditto, Jason Edmiston, Mark Elliott, Patrick Fatica, Rob Faucette, Richard Frost, Serge Gay Jr., Josh Geiser, Dan Harding, Chris Hoffman, Aaron Jasinski, JoKa, Aunia Kahn, Ken Keirns, Kolaboy, Larkin, Craig LaRotonda, Gabe Larson, Edith Lebeau, Tim Maclean, Jim Mahfood, Apricot Mantle, Michael Mararian, Bill McEvoy, Meats Meier, Chris B. Murray, Buddy Nestor, Augie Pagan, John Park, Shaunna Peterson, Chris Marrs Piliero, Lou Pimentel, Arabella Proffer, Dan Quintana, Jeff Ramirez, Cate Rangel, Brandi Read, Allison Reimold, Joseph Reyna, Gregory Rodriguez, KRK Ryden, Scott Scheidly, Chris Sheridan, Allison Sommers, Brandon Steen, Chase Tafoya, Big Toe, Christopher Umana, Dark Vomit, Jessica Ward, Casey Weldon, Michael White, Charles Wish, Trey Xander, Genevive Zacconi, Chet Zar, ZOSO

While coming up with ideas for the name of my piece, I discovered the most awesome term for puking, and from it the title "Doing the Technicolor Yawn" was produced.

As a special lil bonus, I did a small run of coaster sets that will be available at the opening as well as on my Etsy.

And for the first time, WWA is having a Pub Crawl to coincide with the show, where you can get special show incentives depending on the amount of receipts you bring in from it!

I hope the art will have splash guards!