Friday, September 2, 2011

Polaroid 50l50l50 Project

 I recently had the honor of being invited by Polaroid to show in their group show/auction 50 | 50 | 50,  which they've put together to promote their GL10 printer. Proceeds will be donated to Free Arts NYC. Artists were given on of these little suckers to use in their piece:

(bobbly head cyclops not included)

The Made in Polaroid 50 | 50 | 50 Art Exhibition & Benefit Auction, is a group art show where 50+ select artists have come together to illuminate the creative possibilities when the same challenge-create art with a single device-is undertaken by range of artists from a variety of creative backgrounds. With no other limits. From single images, to multi-printed mosaics, to photographic sculptures, and hacked printers "performing" live, the project is as much about the creative process and a new era of creative spirit as much as it is about any resulting image or piece of art.
To highlight this, we've brought together an eclectic mix of some important & influential artists of our time-along with some select, emerging talent-from the disciplines of photography, filmmakers, graffiti & street art, painting, fashion design, performance artists, actors, and more. Names like:
_Mark Seliger (photographer - more than 125 covers for Rolling Stone)
_Philip-Lorca DiCorcia (photographer - credited with staged 'fictional' approach to creating photos - before him it was all journalism).
_James Franco (Actor, director, author, painter, & performer- star of Spider-Man trilogy)
_Hush (graffiti artist/toy designer)
_Eine (graffiti artist - partner in crime with legendary Banksy) i
_Marylin Minter (Painter - A Whitney Biennial artist along, SFMOMA and more)
_Rob Pruitt (late 80′s art legend as half of the art team Pruitt-Early)
_Gary Baseman (illustrator blurring the lines between toys & fine art)

and many many more...

Ive found out some of the other artists that are also showing (Scott G. Brooks, Stella Im Hultberg, Kent Williams, just to name a few) and im really excited for this show! The artwork will be on display to the public at Phillips de Pury gallery in NYC (450 West 15th Street) from Sept 7-13 during fashion week, with the reception and auction following at 450 Park Avenue on Sept 14th. 

At first, I was a little flummoxed as to what I would do for this show. I haven't done many multimedia pieces, outside of painting on some vinyl forms. But after I snapped some shots of my artist buddy Kat Gun, and got this candid pic of her applying some makeup, I had the idea to do a half picture/ half painting piece. Popped it into photoshop, broke it up, and printed it out in sections with the traditional Polaroid border.

I started in the lower right quadrant, and snaked up and over, working on groupings of 4 at a time. Normally, I like to put down a real simple line layout to work over, but because the spacing between the pics was so slight, I decided it was easiest just to eyeball it, especially since it woulda been tough to get the graphite transfer to hold to the sleek photo coating.

 I spent a decent while making a grid to layout and center everything, but wound up just eyeballing most of that as well. I wanted to use a technique ive used before to have the images floating within the drop box frame. So I backed all the pics to give them some stability and then mounted them on half inch spacers.  Making sure all the floating pics were straight and equally spaced before the glue dried really drove me up the wall for a good half hr. (thinking about it  now, I don't know why I didn't just nail them in, hehe, next time!)

grid - puzzle pics - all mounted to board

pics floating nicely in between the backing and glass.

The pics measured 12"x16" and after mounting and framing the whole thing came to be 16"x 20". The piece is called "Do You See Me, Like I See You?"

Also, found out that Chloe, which is the exclusive retailer for the event, is going to hang a reproduction of my piece at their NY and Miami locations for 'Fashion Night Out' on 9/8. 

Overall, extremely pleased with how everything turned out, and cant wait to see all the other artists work from the show, which will hopefully be up soon at Polaroid/505050.