Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking Bad Art Project at Gallery1988

Sometimes there are shows I get an invite to that make me tingle with excitement. This was definitely one of them. Although I came aboard a lil' while after the show started, I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and was very excited when Gallery1988 asked me to participate in the special Breaking Bad Art Project presented by Breaking Gifs.

In coming up with my idea for the piece I knew that I wanted to incorporate some actual crystals. The tough part became finding the right kind of stones. I ended up using beach glass, which has a nice fog to it and isn't very shiny but couldnt find it in that particular shade of blue, so I wound up having to dye them; essentially creating my own little 'fake meth' production line. 

Figuring out how to float the painting over the crystals was slightly troublesome. A system of spacers was installed, and then to cut down on the weight of the piece I individually glued down each rock instead of my original idea of just filling the whole back with them loose. I didn't feel to safe doing that though with the glass.The actual painting was done on board and then adhered to glass.

 The final piece is titled "Baking Bad" in fitting with the 'cooking' of meth aspect of the show.

The Breaking Bad Art Project will be on display at the Gallery1988 Melrose location from Aug 20-26. Make sure to stop by this amazing show during the short time it will be on display.


  1. I love your work very much! Now i will try to do it like you and imitate your work so that i can hang it up in my bedroom :)
    very inspiring