Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cave show & print release

Have the pleasure of showing again with C.A.V.E. Gallery in a 4 person show along with Young Chun, Craww, and Meneera Gerald.

I created a brand new body of work for the show, that Ive collectively entitled "Disassemble Required".
The show is up at the gallery until April 1st, and the artwork can be viewed HERE.

To coincide with the show, there is a print of my piece "Some dont sleep and know our secrets" which is available at the gallery as well as on my Etsy. 


Forever speak is eternal
Running from a spinning world only leads to headaches

Every direction is interchangeable

Without you the night will tear me in two

Prey before slumber

Some dont sleep and know our secrets

Whisper a song of death and fear will blossom in your dreams

There is a very nice review of the show over on Cartwheel

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